Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sad Situations

I'll begin todays blog by sharing of two situations that have taken place in orphanages that ORI deliveres food and additional donations to. The first picture is of an adorable little boy that was left abandoned on a church pew and is now placed in an orphanage with caring people to provide a new life...second opportunity
to life. It's hard to imagine that this can take place in our human society, but it does happen even more often than we would think possible. If only there could be a  good program for these children to be adopted by families that want them, to provide for them and to give them an opportunity to be the person that God desires them to be. The second is of an entire family of brothers and sisters that were picked up by the authorities and brought into an orphanage after they were found completely left on their own. The oldest one being 12 years old, taking care of the rest of her siblings...7 of them. Hard to imagine in this situation also that parents of the children allow this to happen. I know both these homes, and the children will be wonderfully cared for, but it again puts additional stress on the homes financially, when they're filled with children and the authorities give additional children to the homes, but no funding to help in these situations. The care givers and directors need our prayers and all the help we can give them as they care for these little ones.

Our week has been a little different around here with both of us fighting colds that we've had since we came back from Florida. Mine just bothered me slightly, but Sheryl had a nasty cough and two weeks later is just now getting over it. Hoping and praying that it will be gone before the first team gets here on Monday. Should be a good week with Jay Hurst, a regular with teams to GT. We'll be working at a home out towards Antigua pouring a concrete pad for basketball and a play area. If the weather is like today we'll be blessed. The last few days we've had cold wind again and it really comes through the windows making everything cold. The other night as I laid in bed I could see the curtains blowing around...with the windows closed. We keep thinking that "today" will be the end of the cold days and that the warmth that we love so much will return. We all look forward to the team season with anticipation of sharing our work and experiences with lots of new friends. The postings on facebook and blogs get filled with cute pictures of the children and the tired looks of team members from their determination to get the job done. That even makes us tired .... they get to go back to their regular schedules but we go through the same thing when the next team comes. Our team schedule is full and will be a busy time for all our staff. Keep us in your prayers for safety throughout our team schedule.
I'll try to keep the news coming but if I'm late on forgiving!
Love you all, Jim and Sheryl

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  1. I came across this website after doing a Google search on "sad situations" and some examples thereof. I was looking for some examples of "sad situations" and I found this page. I am doing research on the subject of "situations" in general and everyone of us have one situation or another in our lives that will test us. Even those people who are high up or be CEO's or in politics can find themselves in situations that are not so good such as being in "hot water," the punishment kind. There are frightening situations, scary situations, "hot water" situations, predicaments, situations where you get into debt because of something beyond your control, etc. I have spent a few winters in Guatemala back around 20 years ago and I have encountered homeless children in the capital of Guatemala for example. I spent most of my time in Panajachel and Antigua. Everyone I talked to that has been to Guatemala said they really like the country.